Honda Back as an Official Sponsor of MotoAmerica – Motorcycle & Powersports News

MotoAmerica has announced that American Honda will be returning to the 2017 MotoAmerica Series as an official sponsor of MotoAmerica for a third straight season. As part of this agreement, Honda will be the Official ATV, Official Side-By-Side, Official Scooter and Official Generator of the 10-round road racing series.

Source: Honda Back as an Official Sponsor of MotoAmerica – Motorcycle & Powersports News

Honda Welcomes Back NM4 for 2018 – Motorcycle & Powersports News

For its first on-road announcement of the 2018 model year, American Honda has selected the radical NM4. Ever since it debuted in concept form at the 2014 Osaka Motorcycle Show, Honda’s NM4 has been an attention-getter and conversation-starter.

Source: Honda Welcomes Back NM4 for 2018 – Motorcycle & Powersports News

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If you’ve been a Service Honda customer for some time you’ll notice that there was a period of change going on.  Well it is still going on; but at least now we have someone answering phones, taking orders and getting you the things we can.

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Ski-Doo Parts Online

The internet has revolutionized the movement and availability of data. Included in this data revolution is the ability to find and purchase Ski-Doo Parts Online. We all take for granted the new technology that the internet has enabled. We can check our bank balance on our mobile device, or more importantly look up snowmobile related topics. Things like snow condition reports are at your fingertips to help you decide where you want to go riding, the hot setup tips for your Ski-Doo are just a quick lookup away too. Not only can you find riding area information and setup tips but you can also find Ski-Doo Parts Online. [singlepic id=17 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Ski-Doo parts online include detailed engineering drawings showing in fine detail all the parts including maintenance parts that you will need to keep enjoying your Ski-Doo ride after ride. Finding Ski-Doo parts online is really easy, simply go to the Ski-Doo parts Online look up, select thee year of your Ski-Doo and then select your model. From there you can page through the diagrams to find the sub assembly that contains the parts you need. The next step is to actually find the part that you need to repair or maintain you Ski-Doo.

Once you find the part or parts that you need you can simply click on the number pointing to the part that you need right there in the diagram. there is no need to sot through a table and try to figure out the Ski-doo Part that you wanted. The part is added to you cart right from the the actual drawing reducing the chance of error. Everything is setup to make finding your Ski-Doo parts online easy , ordering fast and to allow you to keep riding and enjoying your Ski-Doo.

You can also use the Ski-Doo online parts lookup to see how your Ski-Doo comes apart and goes back together. While these detailed drawings are no substitute for a shop manual and absolutely will not make you a trained technician, they do help you in the servicing of your Ski-Doo. The Ski-Doo part diagrams are another example of the internet makes our lives just a bit better.

Everyday tasks are made easier by the internet including finding and ordering Ski-Doo parts online. Easy, fast and accurate. The internet really has made our lives easier.

Ski-Doo parts

[singlepic id=17 w=320 h=240 float=left]Every now and then writing something meaningful about a topic is difficult, when comes to telling people about Ski-Doo parts saying something meaningful is pretty easy. One good ride on a Ski-Doo immediately makes clear this is really fun! So fun in fact that you want to keep doing it over and over, take trips and go on long and longer rides. All the time riding makes it more and more clear why people love to go snowmobiling and think about it all year.

Riding a Ski-Doo is crazy fun and all that riding and having fun makes keeping the machine in top condition important. You see you can’t have anywhere near as much fun on a poorly maintained machine as you can on a crisp well maintained machine. This realization makes finding Ski-Doo parts really important. Technology has revolutionized selecting and purchasing Ski-Doo parts. You can find and select Ski-Doo parts online making finding the parts really easy. not only can you find the parts easily but you can have them send directly to home or work so all you have to do is pick out what you want order it and the Ski-Doo parts show up at your door ready to be installed. Technology is awesome!

Now that you have your Ski-Doo parts and are ready to install them you can use the same system that you used to order them to help remember how your Ski-Doo goes back together. You can even look at the online Ski-Doo parts diagrams on your mobile making it possible to be next to your sled while comparing what you see on your sled to the online Ski-Doo microfiche. This ability can really save some time and frustration when working on your sled. Not only does it save time but it can insure that your putting you sled together correctly so that you can be more confident that your sled is ready to go on your next ride.

Here are the important points to remember;

Atv parts online

[singlepic id=16 w=320 h=240 float=left]Consider how far the parts business has come in the last 15 years, everyone expects ATV parts online. Now it is perfectly normal to look up your own atv parts online and to expect the lookup to be smooth and easy. Man, folks even want to use pretty graphics and pictures to make the ATV online parts look up process easier. Better yet today folks want to look up parts on a phone or small mobile device, really fine line drawing with little parts on a really small screen? Seems like a recipe for frustration, yet we pull it off all the time. We pull it off, provide the data for the guy that is working on his machine and wants to order the part while still looking at the machine in the garage and help him remember how it all goes back together! Amazing.

15 years ago we still had microfiche machines to look up parts. You went to or called a dealer, they pulled microfich out of a box, put it in a reader and moved a plate around to try and find what you wanted for you. Course you had to describe what you wanted in pretty good detail and even then there many errors along the line of being one part off in the illustration”oh no I wanted the part next to that one”. Adding to the confusion the microfiche for the popular models would wear out and get really hard to read over time. Sometime you could see the part number and sometimes you had to make an educated guess. Today things are quite a bit better.

Technology and the internet have make things so much better. There is no more communication error when ordering parts. ATV parts online are now the rule and not the exception. We strive to make finding parts for your ATV online as easy as possible. We put some considerable effort into making web site and pages in those site as easy as possible to use. Take a look at the service honda web site and you will see a pretty good example of working to make online ATV parts lookup really easy. Lets hope we can continue to improve an  find ways to make ATV parts online even easier to use.